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Traffic Signal Installations & Repair

  • Underground work: directional boring, open cut trenching, installation of conduit and wire, drilling and installation of concrete foundations.
  • Overhead work: traffic signal & pedestrian pole erection, traffic signal heads and sign installation, and installation of control equipment.

Roadway Lighting Installations & Repairs

  • Low mast lighting up to 60’ and high mast lighting from 60’–150’.
  • Includes installation of conduit, electrical service points, pole foundations, poles and fixtures.
  • Bulb, lens, and fixture replacements.
  • Upgrade to LED lighting from HPS.

Variable Message Boards and Specialty Warning Systems

  • Installation of Variable Message Boards (VMS), radios and cameras.
  • Fire Station and School Zone warning beacons.

Detection Sensors

  • Detection loops, cameras, microwave and infrared detection systems.

Communications & Weigh in Motion Scales

  • Installation and calibration of weigh in motion scales, loop wires and control systems.

Distributor of LED Lighting

  • LED lighting for roadways, parking lots and general purpose.

Distributor of LED Lighting & Wire Rope Safety Fence

  • Brifen USA distributor of high-tension median or roadside cable (wire rope) barrier systems.

About CM&M

Construction Management & Maintenance (CM&M) constructs, maintains, and repairs traffic signal systems, roadway lighting, and video/vehicle detection systems.


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